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26 November 2013

What is Nurse Life Care Planning?

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Nurse Life Care Planners create a plan of care for individuals with chronic healthcare needs or catastrophic injuries. Nurse Life Care Planners utilize the Nursing Process in the collection and analysis of comprehensive client data in the preparation of a Life Care Plan and provide an organized, concise plan of estimated likely current and future healthcare needs with associated costs. Nurse Life Care Planners work within their individual professional scope of practice and, wherever necessary, incorporate the collaborative opinions of various health care providers into the Life Care Plan. The Nurse Life Care Plan is considered a flexible document and is evaluated and updated as needed.

What are the Areas of Practice for Nurse Life Care Planners?

The Nurse Life Care Planner practices in multiple areas including the insurance industry, the law with plaintiff and defense council, third party administrators, and structured settlement companies. Nurse Life Care Planners also work as self-employed consultants in private practice. The Nurse Life Care Planner is often retained to provide consultation and education to legal professionals and others in litigation related to illness or injury. The newest area is care management where individuals such as vets, seniors, or others are helped through nurse life care planning. You are retained by the individual.

Am I Still Practicing Nursing?

YES! The practice of nursing serves as the foundation of Nurse Life Care Planning. The Nurse Life Care Planner follows the nursing process and begins with the assessment of an individual with a catastrophic injury. The nurse uses a holistic approach to assess the injured person, their support systems, environment, and medical and equipment needs related to their injury. The nursing diagnosis serves to identify expected outcomes and interventions. The registered nurse develops a plan that prescribes strategies and alternatives to attain expected outcomes. The Life Care Plan is prepared in collaboration with other health care team members based on the individual needs of the injured person. The case manager implements and evaluates the Life Care Plan to complete the nursing process.

What Kind of Background do I Need for Nurse Life Care Planning?

Nurse Life Care Planners are Registered Nurses with the background and experience in the continuum of care from the acute care setting through community care such as Case Management, Rehabilitation, Home Health or Discharge Planning.

What Certifications are Available for Nurse Life Care Planners?

Kelynco courses are recognized for certification by the American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners (AANLCP). Lifetime Nurse Care Planners are recognized by the Organization of Lifetime Nurse Care Planners, (OLNCP).


Lifetime Nurse Care Planning and Nurse Life Care Planning


What Kind of Money do I make in Nurse Life Care Planning?

Most care planners charge $150.00 to $250.00 per hour. Most Care Plans are completed with 15-60 hours depending on the case.

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