About Kelly

Kelly Lance MSN, APRN, FNP-C, is the founder of Kelynco and the profession of Nurse Life Care Planning. Kelly Lance is licensed as an Advanced Practice Nurse and works in the capacity of a Family Nurse Practitioner. Kelly has the license to formulate a medical diagnosis and prescribe most things in the Life Care Plan. She founded the American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners, AANLCP, in 1998 and served as the Executive Director of AANLCP until retiring in January 2007. She now carries the title of Executive Director Emeritus. Kelly shares her commitment to Nurse Life Care Planning in her practice as a Nurse Life Care Planner. She has been teaching Life Care Planning courses since 1998.


Founded in 1994, Kelynco brings the expertise and the experience necessary to develop Life Care Plans based on the individual needs of the client. All consultants working for Kelynco are certified as Nurse Life Care Planners and are licensed as Advanced Practice Registered Nurses or Registered Nurses. All nurses have the education, experience, and licensure to perform a medical assessment using a holistic approach.

Kelynco is retained to work for plaintiff & defense attorneys, insurance companies, structured settlement companies, third party administrators, and individuals. Kelynco has proven expert testimony skills to assist you in your case