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Kelynco is pleased to provide a comprehensive seminar related to Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements. The seminar is taught by professionals who specializes in Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements. Click below to learn more.
Completion of Kelynco’s program allows you the option to: • Utilize your past experience in a rewarding way • Consider flexible work scheduling for you and your family • Ensure a successful future • Work at home Benefits of the Medicare Set-Aside Program Settlement of Workers’ Compensation claims must consider Medicare’s interest to ensure compliance with the Medicare as a Secondary Payer (MSP) Act. Gain the information, skills and tools you need to become a Medicare Set-Aside Consultant. There are three components of the Medicare Set-Aside Program: CMS memos home study, MSA course, and MSA sample home study. Approved by ICHCC for 30 contact hours. This program fulfills the requirement to apply for the certification examination. Rather than complete the full MSA program, some choose to attend the only MSA course to gain insight on the Medicare Set-Aside process. The 8-hour online seminar combined with the 22-hour home study enables you to complete a Medicare Set-Aside Allocation and delivers an understanding of the Medicare as a Secondary Payer Act (MSP). Ethics is included in the MSA program.
Career Options Specialty Package $8,500.00 Premiere Executive Package $6,500.00 Executive Package $4.500.00 Basic Executive Package $3,500.00 Basic No Frills Package $2,500.00
Nurse Life Care Planning Setting the Standards In Life Care Planning Includes course and live webinars. Access to the course for 90 days. No course books distributed. This is an ideal course for nurses who feel they do not need any assistance.
Medicare Set Aside Course
Senior Care Consulting Course
List Serve Membership
2 Sample Life Care Plans
Executive Forum Registration for the 1st year
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Mentoring Mentoring with Kelly for 2 Years Mentoring with Kelly for 1 Year Mentoring with Kelly for 1st plan

Career Options

MSA Certification Program

This package includes:

  • The MSA Program

About the career content

The MSA Program

• Medicare Defined
• Protecting Medicare’s Interest
• Medicare Conditional Payments
• Medicare Basics; Overview of Coverage
• Medicare Set Aside Allocation Report
• MSA Funding
• CMS Submission of Allocation
• MSA Administration
• Comprehensive Home Study 

30 Contact Hours Approved by ICHCC